Importance of social media marketing for Business

July 26, 2020

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What is Social Media Marketing?

We are in the digital transformation era, and it changes the business environment and lifestyles of customers. All human beings interconnect with each other through social media platforms rather than ever. Therefore, Marketing filed also adapted to these changes.

Social media marketing is one of the attractive scopes include in Digital Marketing, that use social media platforms to achieve your marketing objectives and goals. Social Media Marketing includes several activities, such as posting social media ads or relevant content on your social media pages, Communicate with Followers, get feedback from your followers, reviewing your performance, etc.

These activities lead your company to Increase traffic on websites, create your brand awareness, increase customer engagement, increase consumer-brand relationships, and have several advantages. It causes your company to improve sales and profits and.

Most Used Social Media Platforms for Business Marketing


It is hard to find someone who hasn’t a Facebook account. As per that, it is one of the best social media channels for the company currently available, which provides a massive audience.

It is the best way for customer interaction. But there are some issues in controlling.


Instagram also consists of a massive user base and more prevalent among the young generation than Facebook.

In the view of marketing, It is highly appealing to visual aspects and created for mobile. But there are some issues in follower engagement.


YouTube is a popular video-based platform. It is a reliable way to show your brand image.

Because videos are more eye-catching and you can design marketing strategies with them attractively. But you should consider quality, ranking, user expectation, and cost of videos. 


Twitter had a brilliant marketing strategy from more efficient reach by giving your voice to everyone but limit the unnecessary responses.

The ”add see” is more successful than Facebook, and it is easy to engage with followers and influencers.


This is social media site not designed for e-commerce. It is more focused on business-related content, recruit talents.

Top Seven Benefits for social media Marketing for Business

01. Say Good-Bye to the expensive advertising budget

A TV commercial or a poster campaign required a comparatively expensive budget than a social media campaign. Therefore, social media is a cost-effective aspect of any marketing campaign.

On most social media sites, they provide a free platform to build a company profile, as per that you don’t have a reason to worry about your cost or financial power in the planning of marketing campaigns.

Furthermore, most social media sites include paid ads and promotional facilities, which are fairly inexpensive compared to other marketing strategies. As a result, it leads you to the high return on investment and a more effective marketing outcome than most traditional marketing campaigns.

02. Boost traffic on the Website

Social media channels motivated your customers to visit about who you are and what you are doing. It created a perfect path for you to send your target audience to your company website.

All of your digital visitors are not directly entering your Website through search engines, because social media accounts create another path to attract your target audience.

03. Push up to climb the ladder of Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is one of the golden elements for a successful marketing campaign. As per that, every marketing campaign includes ”increase brand awareness ”as their objective. But it is critical to achieving. Because customers usually purchase items from familiar brands, and they trust those brands.

Today most customers search products and services online. Therefore, having well established online accounts with the massive following is a competitive advantage for any causes getting more views and increase brand awareness easier than a traditional marketing campaign 

04. Path to brand loyal customer base

A loyal customer base is just like the roots of any company. As per that ”Increase brand loyalty” also another essential objective in marketing plans.

Social media platforms provide opportunities to interact with present and future customers directly. It leads to getting their feedback and responding to their issues.

This kind of customer engagement enhances the trust of the company and the brand. You can give your customers information about your company, your product, services, and promotions via social posts. It will increase your credibility and a loyal customer base. 

05. More Sales and more Profits

Most times, social media marketing may not be directly focused on increasing sales. But as a result of social media marketing, a company can improve sales by promoting products and services.

As mentioned above, social media marketing increases customer relationships and build a loyal customer base. It leads to repurchases and attracting new customers.

Moreover, these factors will naturally increase sales and market share. Finally, it generates revenue.

06. Competitive aspect

Social media accounts of your competitors are typically exposed to the public. Therefore, you would be able to evaluate and get the information on how the competitor performs.

You will be able to get this opportunity by identifying the issues and strengths of your competitors. That can be accomplished through a collective study of your competitors’ online behaviour.

You can use that information to optimize your marketing plan for social media, which would bring in more efficient strategies than your competitors.

07. Provide useful insights to mangers

Social media provide a platform for your company to offer content with customers. Especially to most customers who interested and eventually shared your content with others.

Moreover, If the content is useful and powerful, then the company might theoretically be seen as the industry’s leading thinker. Efficient media social media campaigns with valuable, fresh content will help your audience and your company.

However, it will create positive and influential relationships with your brand. This kind of relationship will provide valuable insight into the company while taking managerial decisions and performance evaluations. It leads to more accurate decisions and precise management decisions and will lead you to be a pioneer in the industry. 


Social media transformed many things surrounding us. In a competitive business world, no business filed or activity could stay away from social media.

Therefore, Marketing filed also revamps with social media strategies with getting many opportunities and advantages. If any company wants sustainable growth in the future, it should apply social media strategies in its marketing plans.

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