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Our commitment to our user is second to none.

Here is Our user code dictates outlining to expect once you work with us.

  1. We listen and that we care. The Ebranding Bizsolutions team will offer you the simplest advice and guidance on the way to achieve your business goals and therefore the tools which will roll in the hay.
  2. We believe fair and transparent pricing that has value for money. We only sell what you would like, and you usually know what you’re paying for – no hidden costs.
  3. We will always respect you, provide a friendly and helpful service, and answer you in a timely manner.
  4. No stupid questions. We understand that not everyone has the technical knowledge so you’ll ask us anything at any time regarding your online marketing. Knowledge is power!
  5. Honesty is the best policy. If we don’t know the solution to your question, we aim to seek out an answer for you, we’ll admit once we make an error and do our greatest to correct it.
  6. We will keep you updated on every step of your project and beyond, so you are doing not feel overwhelmed or confused by what’s happening.
  7. If you’re not satisfied in any way, we’ll work with you to seek out a positive result for everybody.
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Shehan Rupasingha

CEO / Founder

Managing Partner

Anjali Jayawardane

Managing Partner

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the leading IT Company providing 360-degree solutions to all our highly valued national as well as international clients.

Our Slogan

“The Modern Art of Ebranding”

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be one of the most innovative companies all around the world. We believe technology can make life better for everyone if used in the right way. We want to deliver the best of our IT services using the latest technology that can make the world a better place.


Our Story

A new way of brooding about design and marketing.

(The clever method.)

Ebranding Bizsolutions may be a different quite design company. Our goal is to assist small and medium-sized businesses to understand their design and marketing needs during a meaningful way.

Our services are focused on quality web design, because, let’s face it, lately it all starts with an excellent website. But here’s how we change: Ebranding Bizsolutions is committed to supplying you with a full online presence at the end of the day.

If you check out web services lately you’ll find one among two things. Elite institutions that charge an arm and a leg for a maintenance staff will only be employed by a multinational corporation. Or the content management system (CMS) service that gives skeletal, good looking websites, but entrust it to you to try to all the hard managed content. Where is that the third option?

That’s where Ebranding Bizsolutions comes in. We hope that tiny and medium businesses are going to be ready to access top quality websites with continuous management at affordable prices. It’s a really simple concept, but you think that if you check out what’s in it it’s revolutionary.

We don’t just do websites. Ebranding Bizsolutions offers a good range of services including:

  • Digital marketing to make sure that your website delivers effectively to your audience
  • Create a logo to bring your business identity to life
  • Graphic design to bring your brand to the planet through different media

We are here to supply you with everything you would like about your website and marketing. We manage it completely 365 days a year. Why? Then you’ll be able to do the simplest you can: run your business. we’ll do our thing, you are doing your thing.

That makes sense, doesn’t it?

5 Steps to Get a Truly Dynamic Online

(It’s not rocket science.)


Whether you sell wallpaper or wedding services, it all starts with a star website. But not just any website. A website that allows you to focus on your business while maximizing the potential of your business without having to budget on time to run your business. Ebranding Bizsolutions gives it to you, and we do it in 5 simple steps:

  • We create and develop a custom, mobile responsive website to meet your unique needs, providing your business with the dynamic links it needs to outperform competitors.
  • We build your website with an SEO strategy and put your website at the top of search engine listings and in front of your target audience.
  • Let us launch your website without you doing anything. With a balanced layout, powerful content, and all the important SEO implementation your site will be complete and ready to go.
  • After the post-launch, we will maintain your site with security and performance updates. You can sleep at night knowing that we are on top of optimizing your websites 365 days a year.
  • We are always here to advise you, provide technical support, and provide updates as needed. But you rarely have to contact us. We are already working hard for you!

    An affordable, hassle-free solution for an amazing online business? You wonder why no one thought about this so quickly.

About Ebranding Bizsolutions

A man, his wife, and their mission.

Ebranding Bisolutions has been providing consulting and electronic marking services in Moratuwa, Sri Lanka since 2018. The business was started in mid-2018 by shehan rupasingha who owns the company on an idea by his wife Anjali Jayawardane.

Ebranding Bizsolutions Initially started by the two of them as a social media management company, and now they have multi talented team. At present, they concentrate on providing a good range of services to their clients, from logo designing and other graphic related works, web designing and development, app development, SEO, social media management and marketing consultation service.

Here at Ebranding Bizsolutions, we’ve fun with our work. we expect our greatest work comes when it’s born of desire. It’s hard to possess fun once you do what you’re keen on. We are sure you’ll find love in our work. Your project is our job and our job is our happiness.

So it’s a victory for everybody.

Several reasons for selecting us.
To build your website design:

  1. Quality Websites – All websites are sent through a strict internal control and development process with the input of strict graphic designers to make sure you get the simplest design possible.
  2. Quick build time – Websites are created in 2 to three weeks.
  3. Reasonable prices – Websites that suit your budget.

Call (+94) 766 369 045 today. We are happy to assist you.


Meet Our Team.

Understanding the demands and complexities that business owners face daily is second nature to our team as we deal with them daily. Expect a professional approach to every website design, logo and graphic design, SEO project, and Social Media Management Project and some attention to detail at every level.

Our internal experts include: Professional Website Designer, Graphic Designer, SEO & Google Advertising Management, PHP, HTML WordPress, WooCommerce, Application Development, and Social Media Management.

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Shehan Rupasingha

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Anjali Jayawardane

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Developer / SEO

Shen Senanayake

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Sahan Pramod

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App / Software

Malisha Tharindu

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Suraj Perera

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Uddika Maduranga

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Anusha Maduranga

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Content Writer

Anushka Perera

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Content Writer

Deeghayu Adhikari